Walking Under The Concrete sky - 2009
Contemporary Prints, The Drawing Gallery - The Old Chapel, Walford

The series on display – titled Walking Under the Concrete Sky – Chicago 1,2,3 is an outcome of a project that uses the gap between the pantone colours and its CMYK representative in prints. These works combine traditional print methods with digital printing in the same piece. I used the traditional approach in order to print the actual colour and the digital print, which is the “failed” imitation of the colour, as a second layer in the same work.
This work was the basis of a talk titled “A reproduction of colours as sources“ as part of IMPACT, an international conference hosted by Bristol University of West England on September 2009.
The imagery of the series comes from a trip to Chicago, the birthplace of the skyscraper. One looks upwards to the patch of sky not obscured by the dominate buildings as they disappear into their vanishing point.