The Decommissioned Giants - Bristol Docks, Clay, 4m x 2.5m 2017
Photos of the Installation in gallery taken by Peter White/FXP

The Decommissioned Giants -

This floor installation at the Roaming gallery depicts four large decommissioned cranes that are currently standing as ghosts from a different time in the Bristol old docks. Standing tall as if waiting for ships that will never arrive, in a dock no longer needed. Its sole purpose these days is to satisfy the casual walks of visitors looking for the nearest café or the Arnofini Gallery. Almost in contrast to the Don Quixote windmill giants, they already lost the fight. They are a reminder of another utopian dream - the dream of a big empire that will gloriously rule the world. They stand in their nakedness in the exact place where Burnel launched his transatlantic service, in the very same spot, in a previous time, that made Bristol and the United Kingdom so rich by it active involvement in the prosperous slave trade.

In this installation the cranes dotted on the floor are seen as if one will observe them looking into the water as a reflection - down into the depths of the sky that can’t be seen at this point.