Lost.Net (FRAMED Part of NODE.London 2006)

I started to draw lines through a given space, allowing the lines to pass through transparent glass surfaces. The glass causes changes such as breaks and diversions of the lines. The entire process is parallel to the construction of sight and vision. I am seeking the moment of viewing. During the very basic act of looking, the lines, like rays of light, pass through the space and are captured by the mechanism of the eye of any viewer in the moment when light enables vision. Marking visual references to the points of transformations of light into electrical transmissions that enable visibility but are in fact invisible.

The idea of the act of seeing does not refer to abstract but a physical although invisible phenomenon. Therefore actualizing the lines of beams of light, or very thin reflecting surfaces, relate to the reflective act of seeing. These are sculptural tools that I use now in my work. The materials I mentioned are in fact basic to any projection. I am not looking for mechanical objects that imitate natural processes, nor illusions or deceptions. I think that in any sight that we tend to consider as truth, exists a certain amount of deception.