Escape (Winchester Collage Art Gallery, Winchester - UK 2007) -

This show aims to ask questions about an individual’s current location as he or she looks for direction in order continually to get to different places. I have chosen three different points of view:

- The first location is Winchester Cathedral courtyard and the college rugby field at night. From this area I took a series of photographs of the night sky as they are observed by a passer-by in the Autumn. Then by using simple mapping methods I made accurate drawings of those skies. This set of drawings can easily deceive - though they are always accurate, sometimes they are mirrored and sometimes they are a crossover of both a mirror and regular view. This way the map can no longer show the “right” way or be trusted by the observer.

- The second location is satellite imagery of different places on the earth at night. In this case I analysed the way that light radiates from different cities. These drawings also give the impression of constellations, though this time the sources were the opposite way around (the ground rather than the sky).

- The last point of view is from moving vehicles at night. This is "straight" photography of moving light, producing an image that might be documenting a space invasion that occurred between Winchester and London .