Breakage (Create University of West England, Bristol - UK 2007) -

The project examines the analysis of pixels in a sculptural environment.

The use of 3D printers tests the structures of the pixels assuming they are fragile enough to collapse during their installation life cycle.

Their collapse may take place at any given time from the moment they are printed, when they are considered to be “perfect objects” made with cutting edge technology, to the final day of the installation.

Like most “new” technologies the technology used in this project will deteriorate rapidly. Similar fate awaits its outcome: the pixels. Although the pixels are becoming increasingly defective their basic nature still holds the perfection of the entire module they are extracted from.

This project continues my interest in the analysis of so called “perfect structures” from their initiation as an idea to their material realization. This can be considered a traumatic phase that marks a transition from the eternal to the temporal. In these terms the notion of time becomes a critical issue. Its existence relies on the temporal and the imperfect.