Ater The Deluge , The Patti and Ernest Worth Art Gallery, Shenkar College, Art Department , Ramat Gan, Israel 2009
Atlas : separated by intervals, The Crypt Gallery, Saint Pancras Church 2009) -
A camera appears as if it panning through a deserted building. It looks as if it’s moving from one space to another, but is it? The size of the spaces is not clear - are they actual rooms? Is it life size, maybe theatre sets? Is it a model? Probably it could be all depend on the measurements that are being used in order to understand these spaces. It can be both big and small. The order of the rooms can be sequential but even that might have been altered. Were these rooms ever situated along side one another? Was this building ever in existence?
Initially it all makes sense. A camera pans from one room to another but these rooms don’t share the same function, each has a completely different meaning. The rooms are so alien from one another, as if they related to different institutes. A gallery, a physics lab, an elementary school gym, a waiting room; all connected, one to another as if meant to be.

This is the Ark, a container of different environments that is supposed to be preserved like the biblical Ark, but one which the viewer encounters after being abandoned. It is now empty and has no function what so ever. Or then again maybe not; is it possible that some of the objects had moved during the duration of the piece?

When working on this video the camera never moved, it was in a fixed location, the pan never happened. The video is actually a construction of 4000 individual frames put together as animation. The rooms were not necessarily connected and the actual time was never 4 minutes, the duration of the video. It was actually spread over few months.

So when returning to the question of the measurement - was the building big or small? Was it ever there? Did it ever happen, was there any continuous time? Maybe the Ark is the place where they left Schrödinger cat, alive but dead at the same time.
In the Ark all the arenas are empty now; the actions already happened but at the same time are still being modified. It is a world where all possible outcomes of events could occur at the same time and every decision could ignite new possibilities.